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This scheme of work explores fear and the persecution of ‘innocents’. The Crucible (film), the McCarthy hearings, background information on the Salem Witch Trials, as well as modern instances referring to ‘persecution’, are used. The material is given as a stimulus to act as a thought provoker only. It is intended to be delivered to the higher levels of KS3 and can used as a GCSE unit for KS4. The overall objective of the scheme is that students can explore social and cultural issues in a historical and modern context.

Learning objectives

By the end of this scheme students will have learnt:

  • To know and understand the processes of devising
  • To explore social and cultural issues, historical events and physical theatre
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the events and the issues explored
  • To explore the communication to an audience
  • To recognise and use drama strategies, mediums and elements
  • To understand and demonstrate how to develop own and others’ work
  • To assess own work and the work of others.


All the text used is listed in the Resources numbered 1 to 5 at the end of this scheme. Resource 1 is a student booklet that can be used:

  • To consolidate learning
  • To check what the student understands of the work covered
  • To set homework tasks
  • For teacher assessment of the student
  • For student self and peer assessment.

Number of lessons: 6

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