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Anne Frank


We use this scheme of work with our Year 9 students as a link to KS3 history. Our focus within the scheme is to enable the students to develop a sense of empathy with Anne Frank and her situation.

Students have the opportunity to develop character as well as consider what it is like to be hiding in the annexe. The scheme of work employs a variety of techniques that Year 9 students should have had the opportunity to learn and use, including abstract drama. You will find with this scheme that the learning objectives are targeted to levels. No matter what system you use it is important to differentiate the work that you are undertaking, enabling all students to achieve as well as offering them opportunities to stretch themselves.

Learning objectives:

  • To be able to introduce the characters and the situation
  • To build an understanding of character and identity through the use of symbols
  • To begin to show empathy for the characters and the situation 
  • To develop independence in working and discussion
  • To be able to work on abstract drama with guidance
  • To develop a deeper understanding of how abstract style can be used effectively to show the feelings of Anne
  • To be able develop a storyline
  • To be able to initiate a discussion and contribute to group work effectively
  • To be able to use empathy when looking at Anne’s situation
  • To be able to access a script
  • To be able to develop tension in a scene
  • To be able to develop their understanding of subtext
  • To be able to continue to work on their scene in a focused way 
  • To be able to use realism when developing their character
  • To deepen their understanding of subtext
  • To create a realistic improvisation based on themes from Anne Frank
  • To be able to work independently developing and suggesting ideas 
  • To use subtext to help create tension in the scene as well as showing real empathy for the themes 
  • To be able to perform their piece of drama with confidence
  • To be able to show a realistic character and demonstrate a real sense of emotion
  • To use evaluative language when considering ‘what went well’ and ‘even better if’
Number of lessons: 7

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