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The Search for Odysseus by Charles Way


For this scheme of work I decided to use The Search for Odysseus as a springboard for ideas for teaching. To that end, it would not be necessary to read the text with a class, although you (as a teacher) would need to have some familiarity with the script. I have divided the work into lessons, some of which stand alone and some that link together. You can pick and choose different sections and change the order that they are presented in to suit your needs.

Although KS3 students are likely to have studied Greek myths and legends at some point, they will probably be unfamiliar with many concepts of Greek theatre, so a brief introduction would be advisable. Discussing the key differences between traditional Greek theatre and contemporary theatre would be a good staring point.

Lesson titles:

  • Choral work
  • Abstract choral work
  • Off-text work: broken promises
  • The story of the Cyclops
  • Difficult relationships

Number of lessons: 6

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