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The Flood: Exploring reactions to environmental change


The concept of a sudden, catastrophic flood, whether through climate change, polar ice cap melting, freak weather, or just as the focus for developing a narrative over a number of lessons, provides teachers with a wealth of possibilities at KS3.

The aim of this scheme of work is to examine reactions to this possibility, in both comic and serious, small group and whole class improvisations, while also providing opportunities for research, basic physical theatre and serious, emotional, naturalistic acting.

The scheme requires students to use interview skills, whole class spontaneous improvisation, and have an awareness of the TV programme Dragons’ Den and the concept of a health and safety video. There are also occasions for using teacher in role.

Learning objectives
By the end of this scheme students will have developed drama skills in:

  • Whole group spontaneous and debate-based situations
  • Naturalistic acting
  • Soundscapes
  • Basic physical theatre skills, mime and tableaux
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Recreating aspects of television programmes

Number of lessons: 6

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