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Private Peaceful


Private Peaceful is an incredible novel and has been cleverly adapted for stage as a one-man show. This scheme of work aims to explore a range of different ideas from the story of Tommo Peaceful using a number of different techniques to encourage, stimulate and challenge students at KS3. It requires some knowledge of the tale but although the work uses some extracts from the texts, the texts are mainly a springboard for exploration.

Learning objectives:

  • To use tableaux to explore emotions of the first day of school
  • To use tableaux, movement and choral voice to create and explore teachers
  • To use ensemble work and a sound collage to recreate Tommo’s world
  • To use monologue to explore Tommo’s inner thoughts and fears
  • To incorporate all of the skills used in this unit to create the final scene of the play

Number of lessons: 4

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