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On your marks: the drama of the Olympic Games


The 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and linked cultural events provide rich opportunities to offer absorbing, stimulating material to finish off the KS3 school year and confirm which students might benefit from Drama KS4 option. Sports, personalities, facilities, money and taxes, VIPs, security, transport infrastructure … stories are happening, every one a source of dramatic potential, involving characters, plot and skills, which are drama bedrocks.

These six lessons explore dramatic possibilities around the Olympics, inspirational people, setbacks and difficulties, tragedies and triumphs, temptations, divided loyalties, revenge and defeat. The ideas are for Years 7, 8 and 9 but can be applied to Year 10, too.

The scheme uses the terminology of Edexcel GCSE Units 1 and 2 to convey dramatic meaning and structure KS3 work.

Learning objectives

  • To use the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Cultural Olympiad as stimulus to create challenging drama
  • To use drama strategies, medium and elements to develop skills
  • To develop characters by putting them under stress
  • To encourage the habit of peer and self-assessment

Number of lessons: 6

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