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This scheme is an exploration of the story of a (fictional) runaway teenager called Sarah Wright. The students are given a basic set of circumstances and invited to work through them using Mantle of the Expert. The idea of the drama is to explore themes of loss, confusion, disaffectation and love. Throughout the scheme, the students will collect ideas and written work which should be collected into an ‘evidence’ folder to use as inspiration text for the assessment performance. We have written around two tracks which we have very kindly been allowed to use by Nigel Stonier, from his album Built For Storms. The appropriate times to use this music have been highlighted in the scheme.

Learning objectives
Throughout this scheme of work the students will learn aspects of character analysis and creation, stemming from Stanislavski’s ideas of ‘given circumstances’ and the ‘magic if’. There is opportunity to explore story development and improvisation of situations outside the storyline, to deepen emotional understanding. The themes of teamwork and critical thinking are strong in this scheme, as are those of loss, loneliness, desperation and love. The students should also learn performance skills including narration, blocking, status, and lighting and sound.

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