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This scheme of work is suitable for Years 7, 8 and 9 in connection with the ‘Making, Performing, Responding’ formula of KS3 national strategy for drama and supports the English subject framework by ‘creating contexts for speaking and listening; using writing to explore and evaluate dramatic activities’.


These are included at the beginning of most lessons to help students move into dramatic mode. They are a fun way of developing physical and vocal skills, speed of reaction, spatial awareness, concentration and interaction with others. They can often be used successfully to relate directly to the main topic of the lesson.

For this scheme, I set homework every two weeks to encourage students to recognise drama as a serious subject that requires personal input outside the lesson. Each task is linked to the following lesson, thus encouraging students to see drama as a group activity and that failure to complete work lets others in the group down. This helps to develop responsibility and instil discipline.

Learning objectives:

  • To introduce the theatrical techniques and devices used in Victorian melodrama and through practical work and analysis, become aware of the genre’s modern application
  • To develop rehearsal techniques working individually, in a pair or a small group

Number of lessons: 12

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