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Human rights


Through drama, we can explore every facet of life – its rights and wrongs, ups and downs, and the moral and philosophical debates we encounter. We explore so many issues in isolation, but through this topic I aim to bring a number of them together under the umbrella term of ‘human rights’ and explore them through the techniques of drama.

The stimulus pieces are presented in the form of pre-prepared PowerPoint presentations which will guide the students through each lesson. While this is published as an upper KS3 scheme, it could also readily be adapted and used as a GCSE scheme. The objectives are numbered according to the Year 9 framework from the ‘Drama Objectives Bank’.

Learning objectives
By the end of this scheme of work the students will have learnt:

  • To respond to material with dramatic potential by analysing images, text and subtext (SL12 Making Objective 1)
  • To explore ideas, issues or moral problems, using simulations and other drama techniques, through which information is taken in and then explored in role (SL12 Making Objectives 2 and 3)
  • To plan collaboratively prior to performance (SL12 Making Objective 4)
  • To choose and use a variety of techniques to explore the dynamic of a situation and its inherent tensions, and to shape these into performance (SL12 Performance Objective 1)
  • To pay attention to conscious control of voice and gesture in collaborative improvisation (SL12 Performance Objective 2)
  • To focus on identifying key learning moments and deepening critical response through reflective discussion (SL12 Response Objective 2)

Number of lessons: 6

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