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Eminem's Stan: Devising through music and text


This scheme is aimed at mixed-ability Year 8 groups, but could work well with older students. It is especially good for engaging resistant, streetwise groups, as it draws on the cachet of a modern artist with street appeal. The lesson plans are based on hour-long slots.

The work leads to a final performance, but teachers can choose to focus on creating, performing or responding, or all three, as their chosen assessment strand.

Learning objectives

  • To explore the psychology of character through drama techniques and concepts such as conscience corridor, flashback, symbolism, interview
  • To experiment with stylised drama through freeze-frame and tableau; repetition, pace and rhythm
  • To demonstrate understanding of the difference between artist and persona
  • To use a text, music and research as stimuli for a devised group performance

Number of lessons: 8

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