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Abuse in the home: The Gina project


This six-lesson unit on abuse in the home works well in the final term of Year 9. It acts as an excellent bridge from KS3 work to the more demanding work of GCSE or BTEC at KS4. It also keeps focused, engaged and often intrigued the students who are not continuing with curriculum drama – a challenge for some post-options Year 9 students.

Session One uses statements provided in Appendix A. Print these and laminate them for use throughout the whole project. They remind the students that they have to think about point-of view.

The project is based on monologues from Solo 2: Monologues for Drama by John Goodwin & Bill Taylor (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN: 978-0-340-65529-0. Although this is now difficult to obtain, there are second-hand copies available on the internet. 

This scheme of work suggests learning objectives at two levels by giving levels in brackets after each statement. This encourages differentiation and allows the teacher to include every student and to stretch the most able. Suggested level descriptors are in Appendix B. Lesson titles:

  • What could this girl have done?
  • Considering relationships in the family
  • How has Gina’s relationship with her father developed and what led to the incident?
  • What was going on inside Gina’s head?
  • How could this outcome have been prevented?
  • What is society’s attitude to what Gina has done – justice or revenge?

Number of lessons: 6 

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