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Perfection: body image, beyond and beneath


Body image is a sensitive topic for students. This scheme works especially well in Years 9+ where students become more aware of their bodies and issues surrounding image and appearance. The scheme starts at a personal level for the students and then engages with wider social issues such as cosmetic surgery, eating disorders and genetic manipulation. There are also suggestions on how to link the scheme into Hitler’s manifesto and ideologies for a ‘master Aryan race’ and the Holocaust.

Lesson 1 could work just on its own for Year 9; there are then two further suggested lessons, recommended to make the most of the potential of the topic. In addition, this scheme provides a number of extension activities which could extend into a longer half-termly scheme for Year 9, and would be especially suited for use in GCSE Drama. The scheme could also easily be adapted to form the six hour exam for 6DR01 Unit 1 of the Edexcel GCSE specification. At KS3 or KS4, use of this scheme will develop students’ Drama skills and their wider social skills, while extending their understanding of a topic area that is especially relevant and engaging. The activities afford both practical and discussion opportunities for the students and can work effectively for teaching both mixed and setted ability classes.

Learning objectives
By the end of this scheme all students will:

  • Have developed their social skills, including skills in group work
  • Have developed their speaking and listening skills
  • Have developed their understanding of pressures and issues within the topic of image
  • Have developed their opinions and understanding of issues surrounding cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, steroid use and media influences on image
  • Have built on their ability to develop and present work for an audience using exploratory strategies: still images, marking the moment, cross-cutting
  • Have developed their use of the drama medium and drama elements to explore a play text connected to the topic.

By the end of this scheme some students will:

  • Have developed their characterisation in performance skills
  • Have developed their ability to work using physical theatre and nonnaturalistic drama techniques
  • Have developed their understanding of the Holocaust and Hitler’s ideologies for a ‘master race’ linking to the Aryan race and eugenics.

Number of lessons: 3

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