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Live theatre: Analysing experiences and building a theatrical vocabulary


Going to see a live theatre performance is a central part of any taught drama course. However, most aspects of GCSE, BTEC or A level drama experiences now expect students to do more that just write a review of what they saw and liked. Also, in order to further legitimise drama as a sound academic discipline, it is vital that students are encouraged to develop a vocabulary that is specific to drama and all the aspects that make up the live theatre experience.

Students need to refer to lanterns, not lights, and discuss the use of recorded sound or costume with reference to the same detailed terminology that they use when assessing the quality of the acting. This scheme of work will provide suggestions for developing analytical skills and appropriate vocabulary for relevant areas of live performances seen. Each session has a specific focus on one aspect of a live performance and is aimed at providing students with a checklist of terms that they can then try to identify when watching the actual production. These techniques will then form the basis of discussion and, if needed, written work after the event.

Number of lessons: 5

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