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Introduction to stagecraft


Introduction to stagecraft is an express foundation course on which to base GCSE drama – a module to recognise that not all students have the same experience at KS3. We all do our best to ensure that students receive an equitable degree of drama at KS3; however, it is a subject more likely to be taught by non-specialists than, say, science. Even specialist teachers will have their own preferences, foibles and strengths. So, while for some students this scheme may serve as useful revision, others will be brought up to speed here with learning that they may have missed out on during KS3 drama.

The scheme provides a common frame of reference that teachers can hark back to in future GCSE modules (‘I know that you know this because…’; ‘Remember, when we…’), and lays the groundwork for a number of techniques, terms, and concepts that students will be expected to know and use when devising future pieces for assessment.

What’s more, as the present scheme does not entail any coursework itself, it acts as an establishment phase ice-breaker, allowing the teacher hour-long slots to revisit some ground rules, and the newly formed GCSE group to experiment and get to know each other, in a non-threatening, low-stakes context.

Learning objectives:

  • To put into practice key ideas for improvisation and devising
  • To develop vocal strength, variation and effects
  • To understand and use a range of ways to explore the physicality of a character
  • To work cooperatively and supportively in varied groups
  • To respond to written stimuli and imagery to create tableaux
Number of Lessons: 5

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