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Examination period


One of the most frustrating elements of being a drama teacher is the sacrifices you have to make during the examination period. Space is at a premium, and throughout the months of January, May and June your drama space becomes the examination hall and your groups are moved to classrooms in another part of the school. It is vital that these lessons do not become time-fillers, and that the motivation and interest of the students do not wane. It is necessary to create lessons that can feed back into the practical sessions once you get your spaces back.

I have created here six one-off classroom based lessons, two each in Years 7, 8 and 9, that use a variety of drama techniques.

Learning objectives

  • To develop an understanding of creating character
  • To work to tight time deadlines
  • To consider how a piece of drama can be structured
  • To use nursery rhymes as a starting point for exploration of narrative techniques
  • To explore scriptwriting skills using the convention of soap opera
  • To use monologue and to further enhance understanding of character
  • To experiment with scriptwriting and improvisational techniques

Number of lessons: 6

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