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Verse and dramatic form


An actor must speak. Drama is at heart a ritual, and the spoken words of a ritual have significance beyond everyday conversation. Everything an actor says is amplified by the context in which the words are spoken.

Drama students need to balance two weights in performance: the weight of significance and the weight of the everyday. We have all cringed at actors who have leaned too much towards imbuing dramatic language with significance, finding something too meaty in the most casual of exchanges; more often, perhaps, we cringe when a finely-fashioned line is gabbled away in a desire to sound conversational and ‘natural’. Learning to speak verse is key to speaking lines in a play, even when that play is written entirely in prose.


  • What is verse?
  • Counterpoint
  • Finding the counterpoint in Shakespeare
  • Cadence
  • Enjambement
  • Pointing a speech
  • Modern verse
  • Performing verse
  • The difficulty of verse: explore the impossible

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