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Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol


The new Edexcel Unit 3 has some similarities with the devising unit from the previous A-level specification, but there is one new feature: the group performance may use a published playtext as its stimulus. This opens a whole new realm of possibilities, such as taking a Shakespeare play and exploring the plot in another historical context, or exploring what happens to Nora after she walks out of A Doll’s House.

In this scheme of work, I am going to explore a variety of ways in which teachers and their groups might work on one of Complicite’s published plays, The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol. I will map out several paths which could be followed and suggest a variety of starting points and exercises to help students on their way to constructing and performing a successful piece. One of the key requirements is that the work should reflect the students’ understanding of the style of a practitioner, so I will also suggest some key playwrights and directors whose work might inform students’ pieces. The teacher’s role as facilitator at the start of the process will be the main focus, but I will also look at the ways in which the development of the piece can be supported up to the point of assessment.

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