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The Woman in Black: A Ghost Play by Stephen Mallatratt


This six-week scheme is, fundamentally, an exploration of dramatic/theatrical skills that uses the script and story of The Woman in Black as a vehicle for progression. Over six one-hour workshops, students will be invited to discover how mask, lighting, costume and props can be used to develop story, staging and character, and, additionally, how to use these techniques/skills to their advantage when performing in front of an audience.

Since the scheme is not tied to any particular unit or examination board, it is a fantastic development opportunity for students. It can be used as a great introduction to GCSE level work for KS3 students, or moulded into a suitable format for your chosen centre’s GCSE or BTEC course specifications. Furthermore, if your centre studies the novel or play of The Woman in Black in GCSE English, this is an excellent way to enhance that learning through further exploration and enables the classes to become more exciting.

Learning objectives
Throughout this unit, students will:
  • Discuss The Woman in Black as a play and a production
  • Learn how to utilise effectively costume and mask as a character actor
  • Consider and discuss the effect of stage lighting and how it can be used
  • Discover how to use only a few props and provoke the audience to use their imagination
  • Learn how to examine and interpret a script.
Number of lessons: 6

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