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The Pillowman


Unit 2 of Edexcel AS drama requires students to work with a director (usually their teacher) in a piece that lasts approximately 30-60 minutes and allows students to demonstrate and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding.This unit of work also acknowledges that the process of performing a play requires collaboration.

Due to its length it would be necessary to make a number of cuts to The Pillowman, depending on directorial vision, but the play is divided into fairly neat units and therefore it would be quite easy to break it down into just the exchanges between Katurian and his interrogators and Katurian’s stories.

This scheme is essentially an introduction to a text that is exciting, diverse, complex and profound. The following ideas should give you an insight into how to begin exploring the text and its complex themes.

Lesson titles

  • Violence and brotherhood
  • Beginning with the end
  • After reading the text as a group
  • Exploring character psychology
  • Further exploration of Artaud
  • Further exploration of Katurian’s stories

Number of lessons: 6

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