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The Bacchae


Unit 2 of the Edexcel AS level in Drama and Theatre Studies requires students to work with a director (usually their teacher) in a piece that is 30 to 60 minutes in length and allows students to demonstrate and apply their knowledge, skill and understanding. The students are required to ‘communicate ideas, feelings and/or meaning to an audience making effective use of performing and/or design skills in response to a scripted play’.

Student group sizes can range between three and nine and they need to perform a play long enough to give them an opportunity to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and understanding as well as to offer them sufficient challenges. What I’m aiming to do here is to present some ideas for off- and on-text work to introduce students to an enjoyable, challenging and complex work. The timings of sessions are suggestions only; you may find that with some sessions you want to spend longer exploring different aspects of the text.


  • The Chorus
  • Exploring relationships
  • Individual character work
  • Forum theatre
  • Stichomythia
  • Reported action
  • Comedy
  • Rehearsal journal
  • Design ideas
  • Costume
  • Sound

Number of schemes: 7

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