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Technology and the internet


This A-level scheme of work is based around the effect that the internet, social media and smartphones have on our lives. There are ideas for devising and improvisation, all of which can be adapted to suit all specifications. The work explores how we portray ourselves online; asks why people choose to escape into an online world and looks at some of the pitfalls of putting ourselves online.

Learning objectives
  • To create an avatar for a virtual world
  • To create a framing device using ensemble movement and choral voice
  • To create the story of the ‘real world’ characters
  • To use the framing device to link characters’ stories together
  • To perform real world character monologues
  • To use tableaux to create a virtual world where life is amazing, and to contrast this with a much harsher real life
  • To begin to plan a devised piece using all the elements covered
  • To explore an element of cyberbullying through improvisation
  • To use Brechtian ideas to explore cyberbullying.
Number of lessons: 4

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