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Berkoff's Metamorphosis


This scheme presents 5 lesson plans aiming to explore Berkoff’s play through a number of different devising techniques. Each of these plans can be implemented as part of a lesson or within a series of rehearsal approaches to the playtext. Each lesson can last anywhere between 30 and 120 minutes depending on how you want to use them.

All these practical approaches to the text will give students the potential to score marks in the areas that you and the moderator are looking out for, as well as giving them a basic understanding of the form of the play, the subject matter and its treatment, characterisation, interpretation of meaning, applying physical actions to the text and vocalising the text. Students should not view these exercises as a chronological process that they must undergo to fully understand Metamorphosis. They are by no means exhaustive or the only points of entry into the play. Use the sessions as and when they are appropriate to help your students work towards understanding certain elements of the play.

Lesson titles:

  • Animal transformation and metaphors
  • Rhythm and repetition
  • The grotesque
  • Dreamscaping
  • Soundscaping

Number of schemes: 5

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