Teaching harmony to Year 12 students: part two – Rhinegold Publishing

Teaching harmony to Year 12 students: part two


This resource follows on from the one published in July 2015, in which I offered general advice for getting Year 12 students going on the steep learning curve that is AS harmony. Here, there is advice specific to the harmony requirements of the OCR, AQA and Edexcel specifications. The balance here is somewhat skewed towards OCR, because there are so many variables with this particular unit, which is compulsory for all candidates: centres choose the exercises themselves, and the work is internally marked and externally moderated.

The requirements for AQA and Edexcel AS harmony are more straightforward, as content is determined by the board, and externally marked. In this resource I offer some advice for approaching these particular tasks, and preparing your students to achieve the best possible results.

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