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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


This scheme of work concentrates on activities mainly set around the first scene of Romeo and Juliet. It explores the use of chorus, status, language and voice, placement of actors, movement, expression and role play. The overall objective is for students to be able to understand, communicate and translate Romeo and Juliet in its original and contemporary form, as well as, achieve Key Stage 3 Drama Objectives. I teach this scheme to Year 9.

It is my opinion that for plays to be understood, they should be performed rather than ‘read’. Therefore, I would advise that students see a version of the whole play first. Baz Luhrmann’s film version (Romeo + Juliet, 1996, certificate 12) is a very good example that inspires less able students as much as gifted and talented ones; Franco Zeffirelli’s film (Romeo and Juliet, 1968, certificate PG) is a classic example that students would find harder to follow, and then there are many live productions that your budget may allow you access to.

Number of lessons: 8

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