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Abstract theatre


Getting students to think outside the box is important in all subjects, but in drama it should be placed at the forefront of our curriculum since creativity is at the very core of what we want our students to achieve. This scheme of work has been developed to approach abstract theatre in a structured way, providing students with the scaffolding they need to expand their horizons. It encourages students to examine the way in which we create drama and think about elements such as movement, voice, sound and narrative. I teach this scheme in the spring term of Year 8, using prior learning as a springboard, and return to the concepts in Year 9. Above all, the intention of the scheme is to get students to look beyond drama as something that simply tries to be realistic.

Scheme structure:

  • Lesson 1: exploring movement 
  • Lesson 2: using language creatively
  • Lesson 3: voice and soundscapes
  • Lesson 4: music and exaggeration
  • Lesson 5: abstract narratives
  • Lesson 6: assessment task

Number of lessons: 6

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