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Monologues and duologues


This AS unit offers students the chance to demonstrate skills in a performance environment. The knowledge and understanding gained during the study of two plays in Unit 1 can now be applied with a view to delivering a performance to an audience.

This is an externally assessed unit. The first section requires students to offer either a monologue or duologue. The second section requires students to contribute to a performance of a professionally published play by a known writer. Students may offer either acting or a design form and must also provide a concept of the interpretation of their chosen roles or designs.

Section A of this unit is the students’ opportunity to offer either a monologue or duologue for performance. The following performance exercises are ideal for students as they prepare for the examination.

Learning objectives

  • Select a different play text from the ones that they studied for Unit 1 or for Section B
  • Read and research the complete text with social, historical, cultural and political awareness
  • Choose a section or sections to make a coherent monologue or duologue for performance
  • Learn and rehearse the text
  • Perform the text to the visiting examiner
  • Support the interpretation, preparation and final performance with a written performance concept – see section on WPC

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