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Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy


This scheme of work can be used with the Drama and Theatre Studies specification for GCSE Unit 2, but can also be adapted to be used with other specifications for GCSE, or as a foundation into the GCSE. I have included some introduction lessons and then assessment lessons which will cover the 6 hours required for the exam.

The play is ideal for an all-girls class as it features predominately female roles. However, if you are in a mixed class, you could experiment with what happens if you turn the girls into boys or the Rosie or Jane characters into male characters.

Edexcel Unit Content can be found at:

This unit requires students to participate in an explorative six hour workshop. This must include:
  • The use of at least four of the explorative strategies listed in the Programme of Study in response to sections of the play
  • At least two of the skill areas listed in the drama medium section of the Programme of Study
  • Providing opportunities to select and appropriately use the elements of drama listed in the Programme of Study.

Number of lessons:14

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