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Devising at A Level


The freedom offered both to teachers and students in the first unit of the Edexcel A2 course is both astonishing and daunting. The requirements are for the candidates to create their own piece of original theatre based on a stimulus provided by the teacher. The group size can range from three to 12, and the length of the final piece should be 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the group. 

Candidates can choose whether to offer performance or design as their assessed skill. In addition each candidate must reflect on the process of devising by writing a Structured Record, which has a set length of ten A4 sheets of paper using both sides or ten A3 sheets using only one side. The teacher’s role, after supplying the stimulus, is to support and encourage but not to direct. Instead the teacher assesses the students’ work not only in performance but also in the process of devising. So for the students this is the first time they will be working independently of their teacher’s guidance, a step which is unnerving for both parties.

However, this independence often makes this unit the most exciting and valuable part of the course. In this article, I will concentrate on your role in introducing the unit, guiding and supporting the students through the process of devising, and in the assessment of the unit. 

Scheme sections:
  • Preparation
  • Finding a stimulating stimulus
  • Research
  • The devising process and rehearsals
  • The lure of technology
  • Design
  • Assessment
  • Thinking ahead to next year

Number of Lessons: n/a

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