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Chords and keys


Insights into harmony, keys, chords, inversions and harmonic rhythm at KS3.

Ofsted rightly make a distinction between knowledge about music and knowledge of music. One of the greatest things you can do for your students’ understanding of music is to give them a grounding in the way that notes fit together. For me, this has been at the heart of knowing how music really works, and is a huge part of being a ‘real’ musician.

Personally, I found learning harmony at school rather scary, as it seemed to be terribly esoteric and always just a little bit beyond my grasp. Understanding it seemed to be some sort of club of which I was most certainly not a member. However, having taught it for a number of years now I can see that it doesn’t have to be nebulous or frightening. A little harmonic understanding can boost students’ confidence no end, and form a bedrock upon which you can build all sorts of other projects.

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