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BTEC First: the Music Industry


The Wolf Report has had a wide, sweeping impact on the country’s suite of vocational qualifications. For music teachers, one of the most significant outcomes was the requirement for vocational qualifications to incorporate an element of external assessment. As a result, Pearson had to reform its BTEC First for Music, and chose to create an examination on the music industry.

If a vocational music course has to have a compulsory unit, then it makes sense that it should be based around the idea of how to make a living from music. For teachers who have never worked in or studied the music industry, however, it can be a daunting task to deliver a unit that may seem like something more suited to the skills of the business studies department.

Fortunately, however, the content is far from incomprehensible, and music teachers should feel confident that they can guide students through the learning process. This resource will provide you with the necessary subject knowledge and suggest a few ways in which this content can be delivered.

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