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The aim of this article is to introduce various methods of creating a character, developing hot-seating and monologue skills and an introduction to character-driven improvisations. It covers approximately five lessons.

Lesson titles:

  • Walk the walk, talk the talk
  • What are you like?
  • And for my next question…
  • Let me hear you
  • Where are you now?
  • Development

Learning objectives:

  • To develop the building of a character from scratch, using the modified and simplified methods of Stanislavski
  • To become familiar with and practise the skills of hot-seating and improvisation
  • To overcome inhibitions and increase confidence and spontaneity
  • To be encouraged to have high standards and pay attention to detail
  • To develop self-evaluation skills
  • To concentrate and be ‘in your own bubble’, be self-aware, and not be affected by the rest of the group except when directly asked to notice them

Number of Lessons: 5

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