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Exploring character


This scheme of work for A level students focuses on a range of characters from some contemporary plays. The concept is for students to explore a character at  a particular stage in their story and to use devising and improvisation to explore that character further. The work can be used as stand-alone lessons to prepare students for monologue work; as stimuli for devising and to support explorations of whole texts.

The scheme involves on- and off-text work that will encourage thoughtful exploration and create a range of interesting work. It is not necessary for students to read whole texts; a synopsis of the plot and some background information on the characters will be sufficient.

The timings for each activity can vary a lot, depending on how your class engages with the material and how far you want to explore each section. Each session has the over-arching learning objectives listed at the start and you might cover several objectives in one lesson, or just one objective.

Number of lessons: 4

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