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Performance project


This is a synoptic unit and draws on the rest of the course for performance styles and techniques. It is marked out of 70 and is worth 70% of the A2 part of the course or 35% of the whole A level. There are two parts to the performance project: a performance realisation of a piece of repertoire and a student-devised piece.

1. The repertoire piece should be chosen from works studied for either performance contexts 1 or 2. The piece may be in a singular art form or a combination of art forms. This assessment is worth 10% of the A level. The mark is out of 20.

2. The student-devised piece is created in response to a commission chosen from a selection set by OCR. This is worth 25% of the A level.

The mark is out of 50. The marks are divided as follows:

  • Link with the commission 10 marks
  • The individual role 10 marks
  • Performance skills 30 marks

At this point, you need to revisit the specification for detailed descriptions of the mark bands and requirements. Turn to pages 45–53 for Appendix B2.5 Practical – performance skills in dance, drama and music. This appendix gives you the marking criteria for each part of the practical assessment and it is essential reading. You will need to refer to these pages throughout the delivery of the unit in order to ensure that you are covering the demands of the unit. You can discuss the assessment criteria with the students once they have embarked on the process of learning repertoire and devising original material. It will help you focus on the key aspects of the unit in your teaching.

The duration of the piece is partly dependent on the number of students in the group. For repertoire each candidate is allowed three minutes exposure and for the devised it is five minutes per candidate. A repertoire piece should not be longer than 18 minutes and a devised piece should not be longer than 30 minutes.

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