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Getting work


Getting Work is Unit 5 of the OCR GCE Performing Arts course. It is part of an Applied GCE and so is predominantly practical and is designed to replicate real professional environments and contexts. It is an A2 unit and builds on AS units such as Unit 1: Investigating Performing Arts Organisations. ‘Builds on’ because in Unit 1 students are only asked to research two arts organisations and deliver a presentation on one job, whereas in Getting Work they need to place themselves and their chosen vocation into a replication of a working professional context. This means that in most cases they are required to project themselves forward to a time when they need to make a living from their chosen vocation and to put themselves in a place that is currently occupied by an increasing amount of ‘portfolio’ workers in the arts. This will take some imagination and also some restraint: they will need to make up a realistic progression route from where they are currently and operate as if they have already done professional training, perhaps some professional engagements, and are ready to enter a freelance world of work. Or they could start from where they are now – some student bands could plausibly begin semi-professional careers but this may be difficult for the average student actor or dancer.

The notes below don’t amount to an entire scheme of work; that would be difficult in a vocational unit that has many, diverse possible responses, but what it does try to do is look at the demands of the unit and give suggestions on how to structure teaching around them. I’ll start with how the unit is structured and try to provide some clarity on what you need to deliver.


  • The self promotion pack
  • The plan
  • Evaluation and SWOT analysis
  • Conclusion

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