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Exploration of drama and theatre - The Trial by Steven Berkoff


This scheme of work is designed to help you approach the Unit 1 part of the Edexcel A level Drama and Theatre Studies course. The unit is worth 40 per cent of the A1 marks with coursework, which is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated. Essentially the unit requires students to explore the content of two plays written for performance, one of which needs to be explored in the light of a recognised theatre practitioner. Alongside this, students must also complete a written review of a live performance that they have seen. The text can be one they have studied for Unit 1 or something contrasting.

One thing to note is that any texts used in Unit 1 cannot be used in any other part of the specification, e.g. it cannot be used as a Unit 2 performance or stimulus from Unit 3. It also cannot be one of the Unit 4 set texts or plays used for Section C of the examination.

As a centre you will have until May in the year of examination to complete the unit and submit to the moderator. Students are assessed as individuals through the process of looking at both plays practically supported by teacher profiles, as well as completing a set of exploration notes that are marked internally. A sample of these along with a recording of a session of practical work is then sent to the moderator in the spring of Year 12.

For more specific assessment and unit detail please refer to your Edexcel ‘e-spec’ or visit: www.edexcel.com/quals/gce/gce08/drama/Pages/default.aspx

Below are a series of sessions designed as a way into looking at Steven Berkoff’s The Trial, a popular Unit 1 text. The beauty of this particular text is that Berkoff is a recognized practitioner and therefore you are hitting two elements of this unit. Make sure the students keep a diary or notebook from all the sessions – rehearsal ideas, themes, practitioner notes, which will all help to form credible Unit 1 notes and will also benefit in future areas of the course such as Unit 3.

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