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Bob Fosse


"Dancer, choreographer and director Bob Fosse was born in Chicago in 1927 and died in Washington in 1987. He is most famous for choreographing films such as Sweet Charity (1966), Cabaret (1972), Chicago (1975), All That Jazz (1979), and for directing films and stage shows. As a dancer he had performed in vaudeville and often used this style in his own work. He was awarded a Tony for his choreography in The Pajama Game in 1954 and went on to win many other awards during his career.

Fosse’s style is very easily recognizable; the movements are often sharp, angular and suggestive. His style incorporates turned-in knees, flexions, isolations, rotations, sideways shuffles, pliés and dancers moving in huddles, with props such as hats and canes often featuring."

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