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‘War, what is it good for…?’ asks the song by Edwin Starr. War is an old favourite stimulus piece which seems to be used in drama time and again. This is because it contains all the elements of good drama: human conflict, facing your own mortality, separation and bravery; the list of themes goes on. It is a current topic which all students face each day in this current climate with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and an issue that students want to, but sometimes can’t, make sense of. Discussed and explored in drama sensitively and in a historic context it can provide a safe haven for some discussions which will help students develop their own opinion and understanding of the topic. 

This scheme of work is for a C10: Devised module of the BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) qualification. It is a good scheme of work to use as the students’ first devised piece as it guides them through the process and builds and structures the piece lesson by lesson through the exploration of different stimulus pieces and different aspects of war.

By the end of this scheme I will have allowed the students to demonstrate and produce evidence that:

  • They can contribute and develop effective ideas in rehearsal and focus on shaping their work artistically
  • Select and use a range of drama forms to shape, develop and explore their work
  • Develop and perform a role using their vocal and physical skills effectively
  • Communicate intentions to the audience effectively
  • Evaluate their own and others’ performances.

Learning objectives:

  • To discuss and form ideas about recruitment into the modern-day forces and formulate their own opinions about this which they will communicate through drama
  • To develop ideas about structuring and developing an army recruitment performance piece using the appropriate techniques, language and style
  • To evaluate their own and others’ performances and set targets for improvement
  • To develop a devised scene and a character using dramatic techniques and making suggestions that are relevant to this development
  • To use abstract drama to devise a scene of madness selecting and using techniques which clearly structure the work in a positive manner
  • To develop ideas and suggestions which are focused on the drama and shape and structure the work
  • To know and understand what juxtaposition is and to use it in the most effective way to structure and develop their piece
  • To use a script as a stimulus to devise a section for performance
  • To develop ideas which focus on the shaping of the ideas, using effective techniques and structures inspired by the script stimulus
  • To interpret and develop characters in a range of ways
  • To know what a motif is and can use one effectively to join their devised scenes together
  • To consider the most effective structuring and use of techniques to convey their message to an audience and give and develop these ideas in their groups
  • To develop and rehearse their performance work, communicating their intentions to an audience through their choice of techniques and structures
  • To develop their role, vocal and physical skills through focused rehearsals
  • To know how to apply specifically focused feedback and evaluation to improve their performances in rehearsal
  • To perform to a deadline and under the pressure of examination/assessment conditions
  • To perform in role, with vocal and physical accuracy and communicate their intentions to the audience with success
Number of lessons: 23

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