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Theatre in Education


Theatre in education (TIE) is the third of four practical projects we complete as part of AQA’s drama and theatre arts GCSE. It is a particularly effective way of exploring themes and issues with year 11 while galvanising the performance skills they have encountered to date.

As a department, the structure we use for this project is relatively prescriptive. Balancing whole-group activities with smaller group work enables us to ensure a good work ethos and it provides students with a common reference point when evaluating the success of their work. 

The ten-week project is structured into five sections:

Weeks 1-2: Whole-group exploration of TIE genre. Students decide on theme and aim
Weeks 3-6: A series of performance techniques are introduced through a range of teacher-led activities. Students relate these skills to their own piece and perform scenes
Week 7: Mid-project assessment – groups perform their work to their teacher with specific feedback linked to their educational aim
Weeks 8-9: Students revise their work based on the comments given. Week 9 concludes with a dress rehearsal for all groups
Week 10: Groups perform to KS3 class (arrange timing in advance)

Number of lessons:

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