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The Incredible Garden


The Incredible Garden is a scheme designed to promote ecology and environmental awareness in KS1 and KS2 students. Originally developed in partnership with a local garden centre, there should be ample opportunity for the students to – quite literally - get their hands dirty. We have found that many students don’t have any sort of affinity for how inextricably linked we are as a species with plants, nor how diverse, complex and beautiful the world of flora is. This scheme was written to inspire appreciation at least, and fascination at best.

Learning objectives

By the culmination of this scheme, students would be expected to have used and to understand several basic dramatic techniques, read or listened to and analysed a short story, and provided a continuation of the narrative. They will have researched around the subject matter to find something in particular that interests them. They will have worked in groups and individually to explore the text and stimuli. Finally, they should have had a chance to create a garden of their own.

Number of lessons: 6

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