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The development of drama


The aim of this unit is to develop the students’ knowledge of the social and historical context of drama. They should also be given ample opportunity to develop and rehearse performance work.

Essentially you want to enable students to experience a range of drama styles and genres such as Greek, Renaissance, melodrama, commedia dell’arte and realism and styles such as mime, physical theatre (abstract) and naturalism.

Through their work on the unit students will be encouraged to experiment with various styles to extend their understanding and performance skills. Finally students will then apply the skills and understanding of the rehearsal process to the creation of a performance piece.

It is a requirement of the specification that students produce two pieces of drama lasting at least 10 minutes.

This is a good unit to use as a starting point with new students to the course as it encourages them to explore contrasting dramatic forms and the characteristics of drama genres. Give students opportunities to see live drama work and discuss a variety of plays. I have just focused on three areas within this SOW:

  • Mime, leading to melodrama
  • Commedia dell’arte
  • Physical theatre and its Greek origins

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