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The dark side


Finding absorbing, stimulating material is vital in enabling students to learn the dramatic skills needed for their GCSE Drama exams. To push their creative boundaries, broadening the horizons of their ideas can be a significant help in that process. Many teenagers are naturally drawn to the darker side of the human psyche. Without ignoring the need to point them towards the light, and towards optimism, redemption and hope, there is fruitful and innovative work to be found in some of the heavier shades of grey.

The six lessons in this scheme of work explore some of the less obvious areas of life that appeal to the teenage mind, and they are suitable for Edexcel GCSE Unit 1, as part of a foundation Year 10 course or any other GCSE programme where new material can be explored. The scheme focuses on developing characters in challenging situations.

Learning objectives

  • To use unusual stimulus material to create challenging drama
  • To use drama strategies, medium and elements to develop skills
  • To develop characters by putting them under stress
  • To encourage the habit of peer and self assessment

Number of lessons: 6

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