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Teaching technology


In a previous Music Teacher resource (October 2015), we looked at the requirements for a technology performance in GCSE music. Having explored the requirements and investigated the mark scheme, it’s now time to explore how you can teach the skills and knowledge. In this resource, we are going to look at specific activities that you can use with your classes to prepare them for a controlled assessment.

For the purposes of this resource, we are looking at sequencing and multitracking synoptically. If you are submitting a technology performance in place of an ensemble performance, you can integrate both techniques for controlled assessment purposes. The solo performance, on the other hand, always has to be treated as a purely sequenced performance. As a result, any skills that are only relevant to multitracking have been identified throughout.

These activities have been designed to work with any DAW and, as a result, you will want to add an initial activity that shows how to set up a project. Refer to the documentation that comes with your sequencer, since many include a tutorial for this.

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