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Something's Coming


There’s no shortage of textbooks and online resources providing an analysis of Bernstein’s ‘Something’s Coming’. Not only is it a song from a musical that’s attracted a huge amount of study in the academic world’s continuous desire to label it as an opera, a musical or both, but it’s very presence in the set works for Edexcel’s GCSE Music has ensured that it has spawned some resources that are pitched at just the right level for the students that you will be teaching it to (Pearson, Rhinegold and BBC Bitesize being some of the first that spring to mind). In order to avoid duplicating materials that exist elsewhere (and probably on your classroom shelf), this resource is not intended to provide an in-depth analysis of the piece but, rather, is aimed at exploring how practical, performance based strategies can be employed to cement pupils’ understanding of key musical concepts. Much of this resource is aimed at providing teachers with ideas as to how they can workshop the piece in a manner similar to that discussed on the Musical Futures website.

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