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Scholarships 2018


The definitive guide to applying for a senior school music scholarship. In Scholarships 2018 we catch a glimpse of the range of options open to young musicians, with advice on preparing for auditions through to finding independent schools in the UK with generous scholarships on offer.


  • Complete package: what schools are looking for – and offering in return
  • UK scholarships: a huge range of options for musical children
  • Prepare for success: a plan for audition success
  • Ace the aural: how to prepare before the audition
  • In the bag: kit and caboodle for young musicians
  • London Music Fund: opportunities for the capital’s talented kids
  • ABRSM scholars: royal support for the best undergraduates
  • Where to go: independent and state specialist schools, including details of the awards they offer

Digital download: £2.95 | Printed copy: £3.95 (+p&p)

This supplement is published annually to accompany the October issues of Music Teacher and Classical Music magazines. The next issue of Scholarships will be published in October 2019.

ISBN: 978-1-910622-57-5

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