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Planning a career in music


How do you start that all-important conversation about a career in music? It’s a vast topic. This resource offers some tried and trusted pathways into exploring the music industry, giving ideas on how to shape the discussion with KS4 and KS5 learners, making it relevant to their current learning.

Although context is given for a range of roles within the music industry, the focus is mainly on the world of a freelance musician and their so-called ‘portfolio career’. The issues around managing such a career and the professionalism involved will, however, be relevant to all.

The resource will cover:
  • Ways to discern principal motivations for a career in music
  • The teacher’s role in assessing talent
  • Widening the picture to consider non-performing roles
  • General principles on preparing for a performing career
  • Mind-mapping a musical identity
  • Tips on managing a portfolio career
  • Understanding professionalism and what it means in practice
  • The financial and business-related requirements of being a freelancer
  • Sustaining a passion for music

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