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Performing scripted plays


The BTEC First Certificate in Performing Arts, equivalent to two GCSEs at grades A*–C, is available in four pathways: Acting, Dance, Production and Performance. Each pathway offers a different mix of compulsory and specialist units. The Acting pathway includes specialist units in Devising Plays, Musical Theatre, Performing Scripted Plays, Understanding Drama, Performing Arts Production Process and Performing Arts Business, two of which must be studied alongside the core unit in Acting.

Performing Scripted Plays is a unit that allows students to develop the skills required to interpret a role written by a playwright. It should be ideally delivered after students have acquired some basic acting and character development skills through the study of the core unit.

Students must take part in the preparation, rehearsal and performance of extracts from two contrasting plays. Although the unit could culminate in a single showcase type performance, the two schemes presented here enable students to work towards two distinct performances, one midway through the unit and one towards the end, allowing them two assessment opportunities.

The schemes are based on a series of teacher-led workshops and rehearsals in which students develop and apply some of the skills and methods used by actors during the preparation and performance of a role.

All activities are set within a vocational context with focus on the acting demands of a role rather than any literary aspects of the chosen texts. The schemes should be delivered in a drama studio or a room that can be adapted to allow for movement work. Students will need access to a performance space for final rehearsals and performances as well as costumes, sets and props as appropriate. The scheme for the first project is presented in full. The second scheme is presented as an outline only. Assessment materials in the form of assignment briefs are included for both schemes.

Learning objectives

  • To become familiarised with the aims of the unit
  • To learn about theatre companies
  • To identify the skills and attributes of the actor
  • To devise a company contract
  • To become familiar with the ways in which scripts are set out
  • To undertake a read-through activity
  • To begin the process of recording one’s work in an actor’s log
  • To explore the idea of character
  • To become familiarised with the assignment
  • To become familiarised with the extract(s) to be performed
  • To prepare students for the rehearsal period
  • To consider the staging of the extract(s)
  • To rehearse the selected extract(s)
  • To undertake character development work
  • To take part in a final run of the extract(s)
  • To perform the extract(s) to a panel
  • To review work undertaken in the project
  • To consider what the next steps for the company are

Number of lessons: 15

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