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OCR AS jazz (2011)


Background and analysis of OCR's jazz set works for 2011.

Three jazz works feature for the first time in the OCR specification for the summer examination in 2011:

  • Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven: „„Alligator Crawl (Chicago, 1927)
  • Charlie Parker’s Reboppers: „„Ko-Ko (New York, 1945)
  • Miles Davis and the Gil Evans Orchestra: „„It Ain’t Necessarily So from Porgy and Bess (New York, 1958)

The AS listening paper includes questions on these works. In Section B there are 15 marks (out of a total of 90 marks for the paper) for questions on an extract from one of the recordings. In Section C there are 20 marks for an essay on the historical background to the prescribed orchestral and jazz works.

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