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Musical Theatre Performance


The specification for Unit 14 Musical Theatre Performance can be found at this address.

This unit is worth 10 credits and takes 60 Guided Learning Hours to deliver. The scheme is based on 12 weeks with four hours a week of lessons and 12 hours’ worth of weekend rehearsal.

One teacher should take directorial control of the production. Staffing should include teachers with expertise in acting, dancing and singing. A singing teacher with excellent piano skills would be the most important factor when considering putting on a musical theatre production. If such a person is not available you will have to rely on backing tracks when learning the songs for the show, which is not ideal. The specification asks for a live musical accompaniment for the performances. In some schools there will be an orchestra, but if this does not exist in your school or college, you will have to consider carefully how to provide live accompaniment on the piano for the songs.

Number of lessons: 12

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