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Music and the environment


Commentary on music inspired by birdsong, water and cities, with activities and composing ideas.

Composers throughout history have been inspired by different aspects of the environment. Of course the word ‘environment’ can be expanded to mean almost anything, in the sense that all music is somehow affected and influenced by the surroundings (or environment) in which it is composed.

But to narrow the subject down, in this resource I have chosen to focus on music that has been directly inspired by more tangible qualities of the environment, looking at the divide between urban and rural settings in music.

The three main sections of this resource look at:

1. Music inspired by birdsong – a popular link to nature for many composers
2. Music inspired by water – likewise, an aspect of the environment that has weaved its way into much music
3. Music inspired by the city – to illustrate how urban environments can also inspire music.

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