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Hip hop


Overview of hip hop and its potential in classroom teaching, from an investigation of the style through to composing and music making possibilities.

This scheme of work is intended for use with key stage 4 students and has been developed from existing schemes that have been taught at both KS4 and KS3 level. It is designed to fulfil many of the listening, performance and composition requirements of the AQA, OCR and Edexcel syllabuses and could also be adapted for the BTEC First Certificate in Performing Arts at Level 2. Where appropriate, links have been highlighted directly to the pertinent course material.

The intention has been to provide access to teachers and students, regardless of ability level or availability of resources, to this very relevant and current musical genre. The journey that the learner takes encompasses an investigation into the musical style that is hip hop, and leads the learner through practical composition and music-making opportunities.

The scheme provides a guided approach to creating and performing a hip-hop piece, but also offers many other performance opportunities throughout. The lessons are designed to be one hour in length, though they can easily be adapted according to individual needs.

The main composition lessons may require additional time, so might adequately fill a term’s module of work. The scheme is designed predominantly to encourage structured and experimental music-making, and to promote confidence in listening and appraisal, composition and performance, whether as part of a whole class, small group or as an individual.

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